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Jamie Mah Part Two! / Fav New Music / Strange Fellows Brewing
June 05, 2018 Mickey Mcleod / Tristan Young / Jamie Mah

In part 2 of our extended episode 6, guest co host Jamie sticks around to talk more music with Mick and Tristan. We crack open an awesome Oud Bruin from Strange Fellows Brewing. We continue our round table of new and exciting music from groups including Brian Jonestown Massacre, Chromatics, Real Estate and a bunch more. The three if us get into a heated and ridiculous debate as to what constitutes a horror film (Gremlins 2 anyone?). A long winding Star Wars conversation takes up an unreasonable amount of time- Tristan has way too much fun with that part; Jamie is decidedly unimpressed, Mick regrets bringing it up. It's a heck of a time, give it a go. If you like what you hear listen to all the music in this episode as well as part one in our Apple Music playlist. For more content from the show follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook. Thanks mates!

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